A Week Of Couplets

Atom Demos the Hammer Swing

A couplet – A WOD that groups only two exercises and/or endurance modalities together in any rep/time scheme.

Example – “FRAN” For Time: 21 – 15 – 9 of Thrusters (95/65) and Pull-Ups

There is real beauty in a couplet. I find that focus in one’s self mentally and in one’s form can be achieved with more ease. You always know what is coming next without having to look back at the whiteboard. Couplets provide a real opportunity to get in your own head and work on your Stamina (mental endurance) at a higher level. A CrossFitter once wrote a comment about “FRAN” that went something like, “There are 45 reps of each exercise in Fran…that’s 45 chances given to you to re-invent yourself”.

This entire week will be doing Couplets in various forms and reps schemes here in the gym to really try to focus ourselves. Today’s Hammers Swings and 400m Runs was the first of 5.

BTW, My first CrossFit teen (16) beat EVERYONE today. He swung an 8 pound hammer and completed the WOD in 11:47. BOOM! Sadly we won’t see him again until the summer starts but he is absolutely coming back.


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