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This September 17th will mark the day for “Fight Gone Bad 6” world-wide charity event. This is the first time our gym will be able to participate since we opened our doors. This is pretty much the biggest event that the CrossFit community holds aside from the annual CrossFit games.

Check out this website: http://sportsgrants.org/fgb6/

This is our opportunity to make a difference by generating funds and support for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and for CrossFit Kids (As well as others). There were gyms throughout the world last year that were able to raise over $30,000!

With the time we have until the big event, I encourage you to hold your fundraisers with your friends and/or co-workers (Be creative!) and we will hold the gym’s on the big day with a party afterwards  (Details of the big day coming soon).

Some personal fundraising examples I know of from last year:

1. Charity happy-hours
2. Donation Dinners
3. Athlete Sponsorship (Get your friends/family to sponsor your performance)

Of course, we have many other great things on the way for us to experience together as a community. I personally am really looking forward to the Warrior Dash in October (Over 35 of us have signed up! Way to represent!) and we are thinking of having a costume party on the weekend before Halloween just to have a good, light-hearted time as a community.

We hope you enjoy the website and its improved functionality…Many thanks to Jenny and Minki Kim for its production. WE LOVE IT!


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  1. Carl says:

    Atom, I regret I can’t do the 31 Heroes event, (a wedding conflict – BUT not mine!) I DO have a serious sponsor for FGB6 and will sign up on their website.

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