Heavy Lifters Club

Heavy Lifters Club

This weekend we will be starting our new private lifting club, the “Heavy Lifters”. (Saturday, May 21st, at 12:00-2:00pm)


Membership into this organization is a testament to your dedication to becoming the best, the fastest, and the strongest that you can be. Each weekend class will run for 2 hours, where we will fine-tune your powerlifting and olympic lifting technique to razor-sharp precision. It will be an amazing learning experience for all of us, myself included. We will all train together utilizing various tactics difficult to employ during the regularly scheduled 1 hour WODs. Education will always be paramount, but some intensly-aggressive WODs will definitely be there too.

Through this club (Along with the Sunday “Warrior Program”), the CFL competition team will be spawned for next year’s CF games, SuperFit, and other CF challenges throughout our area. If this is something that you have always dreamed about or wanted, this club will be for you.

We will meet each weekend at alternating Saturdays and Sundays. We have some members that work on the weekends, so this was the best way to be able to reach all that are interested.

Membership comes with responsibilities, all members will:

*Participate in the “Warrior Program” a minimum of 2 weekends per month

*Dedicate some form of selfless service time to the gym (open to interpretation)

*Actively act as a recruiter for new members to your gym

*Find a way to help/motivate a new member every time you come in to do a WOD

*Truly “Fight for your fitness” at 100%

Memberships will initially be limited to 15 people during this test phase of the program (first three months). Dues for membership will be $40.00/month for individuals and $60.00/month for couples. This Saturday is the indoctrination! Inquire at the gym or contact me via phone/email/facebook.

It’s time to get serious.




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