“I HAVE TO BE THE BEST! Waaaa!”. I’m somewhat ashamed to say that these are words that go through my head everyday. The best at what? Anything and everything. But why? Why isn’t simply being or trying my hardest to just be good…good enough? Why can’t I be humble?


I think the biggest issue with feeling like you have to “Be the best” at something is when it doesn’t go your way you are that much quicker to give up and throw in the towel. I think a wiser way is to just try to be good at whatever your endeavor may be…and that means good for YOU, not the others around you. We all want to to be recognized, respected and loved by our friends and family, sure. But how do you think they get those feelings about you the most? By constantly reaching to far to be seen as the “Best” and failing and getting an attitude about it? Or just, quite basically, being just a teeny-tiny bit better every time they get to see you… and also seeing you be able to continue on that upward journey through their relationship with you?


I will NEVER be the BEST CrossFitter, I will NEVER be the BEST Coach, I will NEVER be the BEST friend, or partner, or son, or mentor, or teacher, etc…But I can be good at the things I choose to do and get a little better every day.


Thank you to my friends and family (That means you too CFL members).



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