July 16th “OVER 100 !” Party/Challenge

Over 100 Celebration and Challenge


The day finally came for our gym a couple of weeks ago…we passed the 100 members milestone 6 months ahead of plans. We had hoped for 100+ within a year but 6 months is TRULY AMAZING! It is all thanks to all of you and the tight-knit community you have formed here at CrossFit Liberation. Community is what its all about, and we have a great one going on here. The progression from many of you in just 6 months is very inspiring. Those of you that have stuck it out, pushed everyday, and remained dedicated are PROOF that CrossFit works.

To celebrate we will be hosting a celebration party and challenge Saturday, July 16th, from 5:30-8:30pm. We encourage all of you to come and see some of our more veteran members face a 2-WOD challenge. Especially for our newer members, this is a great opportunity to see what a CrossFit Competition is like. Its also a great way to see what can happen in just 6 months if you fully dedicate yourself to our CrossFit training program here.

We run heats getting everyone through the first WOD and then go right into the next one in the same order. Both WODs will be based around the number “100”.

We would also like to offer the opportunity to some of our newer members to compete. Scaled versions of the WODs will be offered in the second heats of each WOD, that means I have 5 slots available for “Newbies” that would like to compete (Feel free to speak with me about it if you are interested this week when you come in).

I also have 10 more competition slots open for my veterans…come show the community what you’re made of.

We highly encourage you to bring your freinds and family and introduce them to your new CrossFit passion. A portion of our proceeds will be going the WOUNDED WARRIOR FOUNDATION this time around, if you would like to arrange additional donations for this cause (Like many of you did for Barbells For Boobs) we would greatly appreciate it. In fact, the person that can generate the biggest donation of the night will get a prize for their extra effort!

For spectators the “Buy-In” to the gym will be $10.00 per adult (Kids are free) and this includes an open fridge of adult soda-pop and snacks.

For Competitors it will be $25.00 with a majority of your entry fee going to the prize pool for top male and female athletes.

We can’t wait for this event to happen! Come out and have an awesome night with us! Remember to bring your freinds and family!


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