SUPERFIT Jan 21st-22nd 2012


Well here we go again again Athletes…
I’m so proud that we as a young gym have truly started to embrace CF competition in our region (Not to mention how well we are doing!). It’s all thanks to your commitment and a great staff of coaches each with varied training styles and expertise. I can’t thank the CFL coaching staff and my lovely wife enough for all that they are and do.


This is one of the most recognized CF competitions on the east coach and in our region. This year’s competition will boast 200 Athletes all chasing the trophy. A two-day challenge, this event doesn’t just ask you to give it your all for one day, but two back-to-back.

We will be required to properly take care of ourselves with active recovery, sleep and diet to last another entire day. Make no mistake, this is a serious challenge. I attended last year’s SUPERFIT and MANY athletes dropped out of the second day. We need to ensure that doesn’t happen to us. If you have the means, I recommend you find a hotel with a pool and hot tub and spend a lot of time in both after day one while doing some serious hydrating. Solid recovery actions will be key.
(Sorry, no beer. Save that for Sunday evening once you’re home safe)

So let’s break it down a little…
Disclaimer: SUPERFIT reserves the right to COMPLETELY change the format as they see fit.

Here’s a break down of last year’s WODs:

Event 1: “Individual Skill Test”

Unbroken L-Sit Hold.  You get one attempt at holding your feet off the ground. The legs must be straight. Clock starts as soon as you lift your legs off the ground. (2 minute limit)
1 minute rest (rest starts immediately after you fail the L-Sit Hold)
Unbroken Medicine Ball Chest to Bar Pullups. There will be a medicine ball held between your legs (20/14) and for each rep you do with the medicine ball you will get 30 points. If you drop the ball, you can still do chest to bar pullups, but each rep only counts for 1 point. If you drop off the bar at any point, your attempt ends. (2 minute limit)
1 minute rest (rest starts immediately after you drop from the bar)
Unbroken Max Rep Overhead Squats (135 / 95). Bar starts from the ground. You can get overhead however you want and the time starts as soon as the bar moves from the ground.  If you drop the bar or the bar touches your shoulders or head after you have it overhead, your attempt ends. (2 minute limit)
1 minute rest (rest starts as soon as you drop the bar)
500 Meter Row (no limit)

Each event in the skills test is ranked individually and multiplied by .25 to add to your total score.  There is no scaling in the skills test.  You must start an attempt at the next skill within 5 seconds after your rest break or you will score zero and be forced to move to the next skill.

Coaches thoughts: The skills tests will most likely be around again this year but I would hope it’s safe to say that none of these events will be part of it. They will most likely want to be unique this year as we would for the COLD WAR. Take full advantage of your break time slowing your heart down and most importantly don’t stress. Think of each as a mini-WOD and do your absolute best one event at a time. There were many athletes that could not get any points on some of the skills tests last year. While I hope this does not happen to any of us, if it does do not let it set the stage for your whole competition experience and attitude. Remember that we go into competition not to be first place, but to embrace the challenge in the spirit of PLAY. If we end up winning that is just an added bonus.

Event 2: “Stings Like a Bee”
5 rounds for time:

275/185lb Deadlift, 6 reps.
24 Double Unders

Time cutoff is 7 minutes. If you don’t finish, your score is total number of reps, but you can’t rank higher than someone who does finish.

Coaches thoughts: Rest assured that this year there will be a HEAVY WOD somewhere in the mix. This event took many people out of the second day of competition. My suggestion when it comes time for the HEAVY WOD is to MAINTAIN GOOD FORM even if it causes you to get an average time. If you “F” yourself up you will be no good
for the rest of the competition.

Event 3: “Death Becomes Us”

6 Minute AMRAP of Max Rep Squat Clean Thrusters (115 / 80)

Starting on the first minute, and every minute thereafter, do 7 for men and 4 for women chest to bar pullups.  Score is total number of thrusters.  And no, you don’t have to do pullups on the last minute. We will not allow a pause between the squat clean and thruster, so no jerking or push pressing. There must be an unbroken movement from the bottom of the clean to the top of the thrusters.  You can pause in the bottom of the squat.

Coaches thoughts: Pretty straight forward, technique, technique, technique. If a squat is required in any of the major movements…CATCH IT DOWN THERE. We have been working on this.

Event 4: “The Great Equalizer”

10 Minute AMRAP

20 KB Swings (55# / 35#)
10 Goblet Squats
5 OH Squats (each arm)

A Goblet Squat means you hold the kettlebell in front of you and it is not allowed to rest on your shoulder. Score is total number of reps.  On the swings, we are looking for the kettebell to be pointing straight up overhead and the shoulders totally open. If the bell droops, that’s a no rep.

Coaches thoughts: Nasty WOD this one, the O/H’s crushed a lot of people due to two things, keeping the KB locked out O/H and more importantly getting hip-crease below the knee. Non-stop of anything is a killer, DB, BB, KB, it doesn’t matter. Plan your short breaks wisely, chalk up and “Suck it up”. The athletes that did stay for day two suffered largely due to their destroyed backs as well. PROTECT YOUR BACK AT ALL TIMES!

Event 5: “Train Wreck” (Final Event for top 5 male/female)

50 Box Jumps (~30? / 24?)
Lunge Length of Mat (~40 Feet). Men hold 52# Sandbag and 55# kettlebell however       they want. Women hold
32# sandbag and 35# kettlebell however they want.
Run 800 Meters with the sandbag.
10 Ground to Overhead (135# / 95#)
10 / 5 Muscle Ups

The top 5 men and the top 5 women will compete in event five. The final event score counts double given the smaller number of competitors. Bar positions will be determined by who comes back first from the run. Muscle up stations will be chosen in order of ranking g0ing into the final event. For muscle ups we will need the arms to be fully extended at the bottom and see the wrist turned outward. Time cutoff is 25 minutes
and whatever place people are is the final place.

Coaches thoughts: This last event was reserved for the top 5 male/female athletes. It was a grab bag of many of the extras not in the competition. Notice too, Muscle-ups showed up. To get to this level and win, mastery of the entire CrossFit arsenal was expected. I judged this event and we were VERY strict to the standards.

This competition is great in the sense that we will know what we’re up against a couple days early. This means we will be afforded a short time to help anyone that has any concerns or just needs a re-fresh. We will also be able to draw up a battle plan in order to help us see it all the way to the end.

All in all it is a fun competition with great sponsors and we will all get to hang out/ work out together as a family. We still have three weeks to train so if any of you want to hit a couple 2-a-days it is definitely recommended. I will be back just after the new year and I promise we will crank it up!

Anyone that wants to go down to help out please contact Carrie or myself.

703 408 7997/7887


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