What Am I Doing Here?

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“What am I doing here?”


So if you’ve been with CFL since our inception (Or at least a long while) this question has undoubtedly crossed your mind…It still crosses my mind from time to time too.

Why? Because this isn’t easy. Because this forces us to come to terms with things in our lives regarding what really SHOULD be important to us. It teaches us life lessons like how to harness our Drive, Focus, Stamina, and Power.

It is a commitment, and sometimes a painful one. We rip our hands on the Pull-Up bar and keep going, we scrape the skin off our shin with a bad Barbell pull and don’t even notice until the WOD is over, we bust a shin on a bad box jump and then get pissed at ourselves, not the box, because WE lost focus.

Pain doesn’t just come in mistakes either, but when we make mistakes they do what? They teach us to be better next time. Pain also comes in our mental focus to keep ourselves moving when every fiber of our being cries out, “PLEASE STOP AND REST!”. “No..” we say, “…I’ve got a little more, because I AM MORE.”

One thing I’ve always found from someone that chooses CrossFit as a career of fitness is one primary thing above all else: We tend to be full of life and NEED challenges! We’re not the 9-5 Zombies out there, we want more…and we TAKE it in the things we choose to do.

As for me, without what I call “The Fight” in my life I don’t actually feel alive. Am I prepared and happy to do the WOD everyday? Of course not, but that feeling usually kicks in a few minutes after the clock starts for sure. I look at the WOD as a living, breathing thing that I MUST face and ultimately overcome or I do not have the right to move on to the next things in my life. I don’t actually have “A right” to anything, personally, I have to somehow earn everything good that I’m blessed with.

That’s whats so F*$&ING cool about being a CrossFitter, the way we can earn our right to live and enjoy each day is offered to us in a neatly packaged, guided, and condensed challenge called “The WOD” or “Workout of the day”.

So what are you doing here? You’re earning your right to live, and because you CrossFit, today and all the days that follow will be that much sweeter. You’ll be seeking out life challenges, ways to apply CrossFit to the outside world, and ways to share this great gift we have here with as many people as you possibly can.

Because WE know – if only all of them knew too…

The sport of fitness has arrived – Reebok CrossFit! (Just kidding).



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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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