Atom’s Dose

17 March 2013

  HLC: 5 Station Team Relay (3 to a Team) Station 1: 20 SDHP (95/65) Station 2: 30 Explosive Pushups Station 3: 40 Wall Balls Station 4: 30 Box Jumps ( 30″/24″ ) Station 5: 20 OHS (95/65) 1 member must always be running 200m Each Member must go through each Station CORE:  25 Barbell Roll Outs OPEN GYM:   13.2 or Snatch/Deadlift 1 RM Make-Up  

16 November 2012

  LURONG WOD 3 REPEAT 5 ROUNDS 2o Burpees 20 Kettlebell Swings (Rx: 53/35; S: 35/25)

The “HARDSHIP” Concept


  Candidates,   I thought it fitting to shed some light on my concept for CFL’s newest major event. Some light. Don’t go hoping that you will get a play-by-play reading this. There are other challenges out there. You’ve probably done some of them if you are crazy enough to sign up for something like this. Only thing is, there’s never been anything “Like this”. Just like with “The COLD WAR” and “Gladiator” (Coming this May), when I design something it’s because it is something that’s missing from the CrossFit community. 5 WODs in 2 days that I’ve done before at my gym with a cumulative scoring process. Boring. Other half-day challenges out there…Sub-standard.   HARDSHIP Mission Statement: HARDSHIP is a mental and physical test with each candidate working both individually and as a member of a team. Modeled … Read More



  Athletes,   The ultimate goal. The Alpha and the Omega. Yin and Yang. We spend our entire lives in the never-ending search of balance. Balance in happiness, physical appearance, health, professional success, etc…   We’ve learned along the way, through trail and error, that Balance is not easy to achieve. Try keeping a pace of 35 stokes/min on the evil rower while also maintaining a perfectly even 500m/min pace. Good luck. But is this what we’re really looking for? Ask yourself honestly, “If my idea of personal balance was here, right now, would I be content?”. My answer is probably no. We CrossFitters are movers and shakers. We strive for more, for perpetual improvement. What our picture of balance is today will not be the same picture tomorrow or a year from now…BECAUSE I LIVE CROSSFIT and I will … Read More



  Athletes,   “I HAVE TO BE THE BEST! Waaaa!”. I’m somewhat ashamed to say that these are words that go through my head everyday. The best at what? Anything and everything. But why? Why isn’t simply being or trying my hardest to just be good…good enough? Why can’t I be humble?   I think the biggest issue with feeling like you have to “Be the best” at something is when it doesn’t go your way you are that much quicker to give up and throw in the towel. I think a wiser way is to just try to be good at whatever your endeavor may be…and that means good for YOU, not the others around you. We all want to to be recognized, respected and loved by our friends and family, sure. But how do you think they get … Read More

Chance Encounters

Atom at the NOVA Open

  Tonight, although it was late, I decided it would wise for me to stop by Xsport Fitness (Membership there for the pool and hot tub) so I could soak my body in some heat for some recovery. As I laid there on the side of the tub, dozing off, I could see a man working out in their “CrossFit area” right outside the pool trying to do Air Squats and it got me thinking about how that move is the basis for all that we do. I lightly said to myself as I got out, “If he’s still there once I dry off I should go offer to teach him”. After all this move DOES start everything we progress through in CrossFit…I could also have just heckled him in my head and been done with it.   When I … Read More

The “Whole-Man” Concept

2011 Cold War Mid Atlantic

  Athletes,   I’d like to share with you a concept that was taught to me when I was first trying out for Special Forces back in 1999. This concept can serve to help you in many different ways along your fitness journey to greatness. It’s known as the “Whole-Man Concept” and this thought process was how the US Army made its final decision on all of us soldiers that were still there, broken, beaten, malnourished and beyond tired (And most importantly never said the words, “I quit”) as we crossed the final finish line. They couldn’t keep all of us…or maybe they could but instead chose to STILL trim some more fat off the top before they announced who would be permitted into the next phase of training. I speculated as I stood there in the cold looking at … Read More

What Am I Doing Here?

Zach Get-Up

Athletes,   “What am I doing here?”   So if you’ve been with CFL since our inception (Or at least a long while) this question has undoubtedly crossed your mind…It still crosses my mind from time to time too. Why? Because this isn’t easy. Because this forces us to come to terms with things in our lives regarding what really SHOULD be important to us. It teaches us life lessons like how to harness our Drive, Focus, Stamina, and Power. It is a commitment, and sometimes a painful one. We rip our hands on the Pull-Up bar and keep going, we scrape the skin off our shin with a bad Barbell pull and don’t even notice until the WOD is over, we bust a shin on a bad box jump and then get pissed at ourselves, not the box, because … Read More

SUPERFIT Jan 21st-22nd 2012


Well here we go again again Athletes… I’m so proud that we as a young gym have truly started to embrace CF competition in our region (Not to mention how well we are doing!). It’s all thanks to your commitment and a great staff of coaches each with varied training styles and expertise. I can’t thank the CFL coaching staff and my lovely wife enough for all that they are and do. SUPERFIT 2012: This is one of the most recognized CF competitions on the east coach and in our region. This year’s competition will boast 200 Athletes all chasing the trophy. A two-day challenge, this event doesn’t just ask you to give it your all for one day, but two back-to-back. We will be required to properly take care of ourselves with active recovery, sleep and diet to last … Read More

The Cold War Mid-Atlantic


Athletes,   Our big new CrossFit competition for the Mid-Atlantic region is definitely heating up! We have secured 4 great sponsors, ROKFIT clothing, RockTape and Hill Top Golf Club will all be offering up great prize packages for our event’s winning teams. Christian’s Fitness Factory has also signed on to be our primary equipment provider for the competition and we couldn’t be happier about that. With many teams and sponsors already signed up, this new challenge is going to quickly become the most exciting new thing in the region for our gym and all  the event participants. Of course we are always in need of more support so if you and/or your company would like to help this event happen please contact us via email or phone. The event website is located at and we also have a FB … Read More