Athletes, You definitely don’t want to miss today’s WOD…I urge you all to test yourselves with the weight today (Safely, of course). If you are completely “Comfortable” with the weight you chose…it’s probably not enough. Key points to being successful today, the Push-Jerk is all in the aggressive drive out of the hole. Commit yourself to getting all 5 reps without dropping the bar because if you drop it, you’ll have to clean it back up (Just be sure to maintain a straight spine and absorb the shock on the way back down). If you are in doubt about getting all 5 obviously drop it….but rather than quickly pulling weight off your bar because its “Hard” you can do what Jenny K did (85) which is suck it up and do a Clean + Jerk for each rep. Deadlifts should … Read More

Olympic Lifting Seminar Sat. 22 Oct.

Athletes,   We are pleased to offer another 2-part Olympic Lifting Seminar with Coach Rick Bucinell for the community. The first day will be this Sat. Oct 22nd from 11-1pm. Learning the Snatch and Clean + Jerk from a professional lifter like Rick has HUGE benefits for your CrossFit progression and is WELL worth it (Only $60!). The other major lifts that we perform at the gym (Front Squat, O/H Squat, Sh. Press, etc…) are all broken-down portions of these dynamic lifts. Master these 3 “O-Lifts”…master REAL weightlifting. Sign-up sheet is at the desk in the gym.   Coach

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Athletes,   IMPORTANT! I’m sure many of you are excited about our gym’s first annual CrossFit competition for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Registration opens tonight for this great event but I DO NOT want anyone from the gym to register on their own please. Let’s try to play this smart and set you all up for success. Because we are running this event we have control regarding how many teams our gym will be able to have participate. Currently we are planning to offer 4 team slots to our own community at a minimum. Over the next week please talk with me and your coaches about your interest and we will make recommendations to you regarding participation and also help you form your “Scaled” or “As RX” team. I also recommend you speak with Tat Mike, Brian and Ryan T on … Read More

South County Challenge

Athletes,   The 3-way local affiliate challenge looks like it is actually going to happen. On Oct. 8th our gym, along with CrossFit Lorton and CrossFit Sweat Springfield, will mutually host a hopper-style challenge (At CF Lorton) for our 3 communities to get together for a fun day of CF WOD challenges. There will be 2 individual competitions and one randomly-chosen team competition throughout the day. Please let one of your coaches know if you are interested in this event. This is a great way for those of you that are interested in starting to compete to get your feet wet and feel what its like to do the work on the competition side of the CrossFit community.   A flyer will be posted up in the gym today about this event.   Coach

Fight gone bad 6

Athletes,   We raised $12,000.00 for FGB6 !!!!! Nothing short of absolutely amazing !!!   We Love you all,   Coaches  

12-4pm Sat “FGB6″ UPDATE

Athletes,   A few of you have expressed concern regarding tomorrow’s FGB6 and the 4 hour block time that we have set aside for you to do it. We WOULD like you to make a day of it and hang out with the community, but understand many of you with families can not. We will plan on organizing, then running heats at the top of each hour. 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm. The start of the day will most likely be the busiest part of the day and it will be first come first serve. Each heat will consist ideally of 3 Men and 3 Women (Scaled as needed). A heat typically takes approximately 30 mins to set up at complete and we ask that you at least stay to help score a heat before you go to help out your … Read More

This Friday…and FGB6

Athletes,   We will be closed this Friday in preparation for FGB6. First to be set up and ready for this great event, second to get some rare quality time with the wife, and third to force my “Die-Hard” beasts (Brian…etc.) to actually take a damn day off…   Bring your “A-game” for this event, 17 minutes of reckoning are in store for you this Saturday from 12-4pm. This WOD is very much about the CrossFit community as a whole, worldwide. It IS 4 hours out of your Saturday, but it’s about 4 hours with your family…the friends you’ve made here since joining your gym…all the CrossFitters around the world…the fallen soldiers that left behind a family in desperate need…the kids we train here and your kids that we will train in the future…It is our community. The charities that … Read More

No 9am on Sep 14…

Athletes,   I can not do a 9am tomorrow so for my morning people please try to get in for the 7am. Myself, coaches, and a couple of your fellow members are working on something VERY BIG for the future of our gym and I need some time tomorrow to put in a few extra hours on it. This will prove to be nothing short of “Epic”…(Details coming very soon). A hint?…Snowy CrossFit? Hopefully…   Thanks, Coach  

Yoga needed…again

Calling all cars…yet again,   Athletes, the Yoga teacher that we thought could be starting this month has fallen through. As we keep looking, if any of you happen to have someone that you recommend please send them my way for a meet and greet so I can get this important program going again for us all. They can contact me directly via email or phone to discuss the details.   Thanks, Coach