Athletes,       September 17th will mark the day for “Fight Gone Bad 6” world-wide charity event. This is the first time our gym will be able to participate since we opened our doors. This is pretty much the biggest event that the CrossFit community holds aside from the annual CrossFit games. This Saturday, Sep 17th, we will begin running heats from 12 noon – 4pm (No teens/regular WOD). This is a very special event for the entire CrossFit community and has been running annually for quite a while now. This charity across the world had already gathered $1,200,000.00+. I know that we have already given practically every weekend this month, but let’s try to do our part one more time. There will be NO set donation to participate in FGB6, just give whatever you can. Please RSVP in the comments … Read More


Amazing day at the gym everyone! Thanks to all of you who came out for this memorial WOD to remember those lost on 9-11-01 and in the wars against terror since that day. Thanks to our tribute and remembrance at our gym today, we were able to raise approx. $500.00 for the “Disposable Heroes” Project… Thank you all very much.   CFL

9-11 throwdown

Athletes,   Check out the most recent “Atom’s Dose”! Details regarding this weekend’s challenge.

31 Heroes This Sat!

Athletes,   Its just about time to do the deed for our fallen service members…”31 Heroes”. The gym will be opening at 11am on Sat. for prep, warm-up and refresher training on all the exercises involved (As usual). Heats will begin at approx. 12 noon(ish). This WOD calls for some very challenging weights which, understandably, many of you will not be able to handle just yet. I will have 5 pre-set weight divisions to choose from and we will take the time to figure out which on is perfect for each athlete to ensure that it remains safe, not impossible, but still very demanding. Those of you that DO accomplish this fight as RX will get an HCL T-Shirt for your performance in honoring these fallen operators. (S1:75/55 S2:95/65 S3:115/75 S4:135/95 RX: 155/105)   Many of us will be wearing … Read More

Paleo-Challenge Training

Athletes,   Our next Paleo-Diet Challenge is under way! I wanted to speak to you a bit more regarding what will be expected from you on the physical training side of the house. As you should know, a good diet can not work on its own…and CrossFit can not work on its own. However, the “Marriage” of the Paleo-diet with our CrossFit program here has generated proven results to many of our members. Promise yourself 5 weeks of personal dedication to this effort and you WILL get the results you wanted. It will be hard, but if you take advantage of your teammates to remember that you are not going this alone it can help you immensely. That being said, I require you ALL to complete a minimum of 4 WODs a week during the challenge and to write about … Read More

“31 Heroes” Sep 3rd

Athletes,   The Memorial WOD for our recently fallen 31 elite service members has been posted on and will prove to be a day to remember. We will be hosting it here at CF Liberation on Sep. 3rd from 12-2pm. A partnered WOD, it consists of a barbell move (The thruster), rope climbs, box jumps and sandbag runs…an AMRAP for 31 mins straight! The weights are quite challenging, but don’t let that scare you away. We can always scale. So if you haven’t registered yet, go to, sign up and tell them you’ll be doing it here with us! Also, please try to let me know that you registered…and then you just need to choose your battle-buddy! Many of us will be doing this WOD in uniform and body armor, if you have some, bring them with!   … Read More

Yoga Postponed…

Athletes,   Our new yoga teacher has had to postpone her practice here until the beginning of Sep. She is working on getting back-up instructors as well for us so once we start the program back up we will always have someone for you every weekend. Sorry for the delay.   Coach

Upcoming competitions!

Athletes,   We have some your fellow members and friends signed up to represent our box in a few of the upcoming regional CrossFit competitions! We will have individuals representing us at the “Prison Yard Games” and a Male/Female team at the “BWI Mid-Atlantic Hopper”. They will need our support so get yourselves some spectator tickets and come out to participate in the fun. Carrie and I were at the Hopper last year and it was a blast with a great show and an awesome paleo BBQ (Not to mention a lot of other fun stuff). Come join in the fun and be sure to wear your CFL colors, it would be great if we could have a big presence at both of these competitions.   Also, let’s not forget about “31 Heroes”, the “9-11 Throwdown” and “FGB6″ which will … Read More

Tonight’s “Juggernaut”

Athletes, Today’s WOD will be somewhat limited regarding how many of you I can put through at a time. You definitely don’t want to miss this one, but be prepared to wait a little while for your heat time. Thanks for your understanding…there’s ALOT going on with this one!

Yoga Needed!

Athletes, As many of you already know, our YOGA instructor Carrie D. has moved away. We have been trying to find a quality replacement for a while now with no success. If you have a friend or colleague that is a certified and experienced YOGA teacher please forward them our contact info so we can try to get this program going again for your gym. Thanks, Coach.