12-4pm Sat “FGB6″ UPDATE



A few of you have expressed concern regarding tomorrow’s FGB6 and the 4 hour block time that we have set aside for you to do it. We WOULD like you to make a day of it and hang out with the community, but understand many of you with families can not.

We will plan on organizing, then running heats at the top of each hour. 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm. The start of the day will most likely be the busiest part of the day and it will be first come first serve. Each heat will consist ideally of 3 Men and 3 Women (Scaled as needed).

A heat typically takes approximately 30 mins to set up at complete and we ask that you at least stay to help score a heat before you go to help out your fellow members. Remember, ALL members are welcomed to do the WOD and there is no set donation for tomorrow, just give what you can…



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