Warning Order For CFL Athletes:

I am designing an all-out over-night challenge that will start on a SAT evening and end SUN morning that will torture/test you similar to Special Forces “SELECTION” and the SEALs “HELL WEEK”. 14 hours of constant work as both an individual and working as a cohesive team member. Your brain and your body will be tested equally.

This event will take place on Oct 13th-14th from 4pm-6am. Cost will be $75 per athlete. Consider this event a pre-requisite if you desire to compete representing CF Liberation in “The COLD WAR Mid-Atlantic Competition” this year. If you just need a good ass-kicking (But will not be competing this year in CWII) you can still absolutely sign up.

24 slots will be available for “HARDSHIP”. You are expected to currently be completing a majority of the “Named” WODs (The Girls) as RX to participate. Speak to me directly if you are interested. When the slots are gone, they are gone.

You know my ability to program unique events by now, prepare accordingly.


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