IMPORTANT! I’m sure many of you are excited about our gym’s first annual CrossFit competition for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Registration opens tonight for this great event but I DO NOT want anyone from the gym to register on their own please. Let’s try to play this smart and set you all up for success.

Because we are running this event we have control regarding how many teams our gym will be able to have participate. Currently we are planning to offer 4 team slots to our own community at a minimum. Over the next week please talk with me and your coaches about your interest and we will make recommendations to you regarding participation and also help you form your “Scaled” or “As RX” team. I also recommend you speak with Tat Mike, Brian and Ryan T on the side, seeing that these guys just experienced what it takes to accomplish an ALL-DAY CrossFit event.

Once we have organized our CFL teams then we will get you all registered. Let’s try to get this done by the end of next week if not sooner.

Thanks for you patience, and don’t worry these slots are guaranteed to our community.



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