This Friday…and FGB6



We will be closed this Friday in preparation for FGB6. First to be set up and ready for this great event, second to get some rare quality time with the wife, and third to force my “Die-Hard” beasts (Brian…etc.) to actually take a damn day off…


Bring your “A-game” for this event, 17 minutes of reckoning are in store for you this Saturday from 12-4pm. This WOD is very much about the CrossFit community as a whole, worldwide. It IS 4 hours out of your Saturday, but it’s about 4 hours with your family…the friends you’ve made here since joining your gym…all the CrossFitters around the world…the fallen soldiers that left behind a family in desperate need…the kids we train here and your kids that we will train in the future…It is our community.

The charities that FGB6 promotes are for those people out there that don’t have, or did have…but have lost those feelings and experiences with their friends and families. I know many of you feel “Stretched” with the previous weekend’s charities. Even just a single dollar can get you a slot in our FGB6 this year…just give what you can.


So Saturday it is then. See you there. Everyone. No opinions, no fears, no scoreboard for us this year even, let’s just come together and fight as hard as each of us possibly can.



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