You definitely don’t want to miss today’s WOD…I urge you all to test yourselves with the weight today (Safely, of course). If you are completely “Comfortable” with the weight you chose…it’s probably not enough.

Key points to being successful today, the Push-Jerk is all in the aggressive drive out of the hole. Commit yourself to getting all 5 reps without dropping the bar because if you drop it, you’ll have to clean it back up (Just be sure to maintain a straight spine and absorb the shock on the way back down). If you are in doubt about getting all 5 obviously drop it….but rather than quickly pulling weight off your bar because its “Hard” you can do what Jenny K did (85) which is suck it up and do a Clean + Jerk for each rep.

Deadlifts should be relatively easy in comparison since you will be using the same weight as the O/H’s, try to cycle all 7 with a solid arch in your back.

Explosive push-ups…just suck.

Sprints…push hard enough that you puke. Just not in the flower pot right in front of the door, I already claimed that territory this morning.

Most importantly just keep saying in your head, “I’M HAVING FUN!”

Carrie and I will be stopping by with her parents to watch the 5pm class.

Remember, “There is no TRY, do…or do not”


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