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July 16th “OVER 100 !” Party/Challenge

Over 100 Celebration and Challenge

Athletes, The day finally came for our gym a couple of weeks ago…we passed the 100 members milestone 6 months ahead of plans. We had hoped for 100+ within a year but 6 months is TRULY AMAZING! It is all thanks to all of you and the tight-knit community you have formed here at CrossFit Liberation. Community is what its all about, and we have a great one going on here. The progression from many of you in just 6 months is very inspiring. Those of you that have stuck it out, pushed everyday, and remained dedicated are PROOF that CrossFit works. To celebrate we will be hosting a celebration party and challenge Saturday, July 16th, from 5:30-8:30pm. We encourage all of you to come and see some of our more veteran members face a 2-WOD challenge. Especially for our … Read More

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